Corporate culture as a success factor

Respectful and friendly interaction with colleagues in everyday working life and strong cohesion even in turbulent times – these values are the basic prerequisites for the way PVS RS works.


The values and convictions that define a company are long-term norms that are constantly evolving. The character of a company is created not least by the workforce and shared rules and attitudes. However, the influence of managers should not be ignored here. They can offer employees incentives to change habits, learn new things, set and pursue goals together and thus influence the corporate culture in the long term.

These corporate values have both a direct and indirect impact on economic success. If employees feel comfortable in their workplace, with their tasks and their team members, and if they are valued and supported, this automatically increases motivation and therefore willingness to perform.

Even if it’s not about delivering top performance every day, this motivation has proven to help employees, the team and therefore the company achieve their goals. If everyone has the same interests and is pulling in the same direction, projects can be tackled more productively and successes can be celebrated together. +49 (0) 711 7252-477