Customer Care – more than just a service for us.

We offer first class Customer Service,
both as a consultant or a provider for your business.

What makes us special? As an experienced Customer Service specialist in eCommerce, we love and live Customer Care.
Regardless of your preference to work with us as a consultant for your Customer Care team or as a service provider. A long-lasting, satisfying
Customer Experience is our daily goal. We give your consumers joyful experiences that help them form enduring bonds with your company and increase brand loyalty, particularly if an issue arises during the process. So that you can count on loyal customers and most importantly, guarantee your future follow-up business. Now is the time to take the first step and get to know us with no strings attached.

Extra advantages that make
you happy.

Premium Customer Care at a reasonable cost

We are what we are today thanks to decades of experience and expertise from a variety of industries: A highly rated Premium Customer Care provider in terms of quality. Being a mid-sized business, we continue to be flexible. We have long-standing relationships with our clients, rely on established connections and provide you with customized solutions that precisely meet your needs. Get the greatest quality for a reasonable cost.

Yes we can: worldwide and for all
industry sectors
Your brand in focus
360° eCommerce
Tailored solutions to meet your requirements
New concepts and expert advice
Fast onboarding

We are delighted to pass on our experience of many years as advisors,
to you.

As long-time professionals in Customer Service, we are pleased to impart our vast industry knowledge.
Optimizing your Customer Service to preserve your customers’ happy moments over time is our main goal when providing consulting services. And all of this with the goal of providing a consistently positive Customer Experience, with an emphasis on process optimization, cost effectiveness and transparency.

Do you recognize these problems and are you trying to find a solution?

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, digital transformation and artificial intelligence, we must contend with a multitude of obstacles. Take advantage of our tried-and-true advice and suggestions on the difficulties you encounter when providing Customer Service. Kindly select the applicable checkboxes and submit requests for the corresponding problem-solving proposals. What difficulties do you face? Please make the appropriate selection.

Moments of happiness and success testimonials
from our customers.

  • Outletcity AG

    “Since the beginning of our online business, PVS RS has been a reliable partner that has expanded alongside us and adapted to our needs at every turn. Even during significant changes, like the transition to a new ticket system, PVS RS was available to counsel and assist us, drawing from years of expertise in numerous successfully executed cases to guarantee that this transition proceeded without a hitch.”

    Robert Semmler, Head of Customer Management

  • Müller

    “Müller places a top priority on Customer Satisfaction, also with online purchases. We rely on first-rate Customer Service that addresses our customers’ concerns promptly and solution-focused in order to provide Müller’s customary good service there as well. We have a dependable partner in PVS RS who has been providing us with excellent support in this field for many years. The partnership-based cooperation at the eye level gives us new opportunities to advance process development and ensure Müller customers receive the best possible service at the highest standard.”

    Sebastian Wied, Head of E-Commerce International

    Get in touch easily. Call the CEO.

    The best possible customer relationships are our top priority.

    For this reason, if you would like to schedule a free consultation or have any questions about our services, you can speak with our CEO, Franco Aleo, directly. Just request a callback or make use of the website’s contact widgets. We guarantee that you will hear from us as soon as possible.

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    We are delighted to pass on our experience of many years as advisors, to you. Enhancement of the Customer Experience, emphasizing process optimization, cost effectiveness, and transparency.

    Customer Care

    We provide a distinctive service experience as cutting-edge Customer Care specialists. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide optimal processes and flexible Customer Support based on your needs.

    Industry solutions

    We are what we are today thanks to decades of experience and expertise from a variety of industries: A highly rated Premium Customer Care provider in terms of quality. +49 (0) 711 7252-477