Successfully up and running in a brief amount of time.

We demonstrate how to get started
quickly and effectively.

We therefore begin our conultation wherever you need. Quick onboarding is necessary to maintain the ability to provide a high-quality service.
But this is no simple task, particularly when there is a staffing shortage, the busiest time of year is quickly approaching and
you have a backlog of requests already. Or, even better, it must be implemented as soon as possible in another country.
There are two options here that are extremely valuable. First and foremost, a highly skilled Customer Care partner who can
quickly take over your internal service. Second, consulting that makes it possible for you to always deliver successful internal onboarding quickly.
We are ecstatic to be able to provide you with both options in top quality.

How we ensure that your onboarding is successful.

Our experience for your success.

We are happy to share our more than ten years of Customer Service experience. Our proven experience with mail and phone routing as well as standard settings (queues, IVR, mailboxes, etc.) will be especially helpful to you when it comes to onboarding.

Sample documents and checklists
Specialized and experienced teams as sparring partners

Get in touch easily. Call the CEO.

The best possible customer relationships are our top priority.

For this reason, if you would like to schedule a free consultation or have any questions about our services, you can speak with our CEO, Franco Aleo, directly. Just request a callback or make use of the website’s contact widgets. We guarantee that you will hear from us as soon as possible.

Flexibility is very important to us. We start with our consulting wherever you need

Cost reduction

Providing your own Customer Service doesn’t have to be expensive, however, it can be. We pinpoint and improve your cost drivers for reduced expenses and greater efficiency.


Customer Experience

The secret to satisfied customers is a constant positive Customer Experience. We consider all of your customer touchpoints in order to guarantee the best outcome.

Process consulting

We assess your internal processes, find any weak points and help you integrate the optimization potential in a sustainable way. +49 (0) 711 7252-477