Our full package of flexible solutions.

Our eCommerce fulfillment services
offer professional services across all areas.

Many processes that your customers go through when placing an online order determine how successful your e-business will be. Here, the quality of
the underlying process and how well it is managed by the system determines how well the user experience and
Customer Journey work together. With the PVS Group, you have a number of businesses on your side that are all experts in various eCommerce aspects.
We handle the store system setup, marketing strategy development, payment processing, accounting, warehouse management, product shipping
and Customer Service so you can focus on your main business.

Who we are
As part of PVS Europe, PVS Relationship Services is our Premium Boutique for your Customer Contact Management.
With around 100 agents and project managers, we are a leading provider in the mid-market segment and support the PVS Group’s vision as a
European Premium eCommerce Provider
PVS Europe, with more than 600 colleagues at 7 locations in Germany and abroad, is your contact for all logistical processes
in B2C, B2B and B2A. Via fly.commerce, you can also obtain all services from a single source!

The following applies to all companies in the PVS Group: we are owner-managed and agile –
short decision-making paths therefore enable us to implement needs-based solutions quickly.

360° eCommerce: Services from
the PVS Group

<12 class="block_title">360° eCommerce: Services from the PVS Group
  • Fulfillment services

    Reliable international shipping and return handling for Europe. Key account consulting, internal customs clearance for the UK and Switzerland and customized value-added services upon request are all provided. More Info
  • Customer Service

    Personalized Customer Care that pleases both you and your clients. Globally offering exceptional quality at a reasonable cost. More Info
  • Marketplace services

    Marketplace strategy, marketplace management & PVS as a broker – onboarding, sales, marketing & content strategy. More Info
  • Digital Services

    Affiliate & influencer marketing, display & social media marketing – all from a single source. Accounting and invoicing services tailored for your company. More Info
  • IT Solutions

    Our SaaS-based PVS eFly integrates all e-commerce processes into a single platform. All data sources on one platform, with simple onboarding for quick time-to-market and scalable BI-setup for modern reporting. Both internal store development and independent IT consulting. More Info


  • Premium Customer Care
  • Premium Logistik & Fullfilment
  • Premium Fullfillment für Europa

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The best possible customer relationships are our top priority.

For this reason, if you would like to schedule a free consultation or have any questions about our services, you can speak with our CEO, Franco Aleo, directly. Just request a callback or make use of the website’s contact widgets. We guarantee that you will hear from us as soon as possible.

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