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Only those who combine professionalism and empathy can make a difference in Customer Care.

As a specialist for Relationship Service in eCommerce and with the aim of creating a lasting positive Customer Experience, we provide your customers with the moments of happiness that create a lasting and enthusiastic connection with your brand and bind them to it. That is why Customer Care is not just an added value for us. It is our mission to make people happier and brands sustainably successful. In other words: your opportunity to secure your future business through happy and loyal customers and to positively strengthen your brand image.

Do you know these challenges?
We have the solutions.

  • Lack of time and operational overload?

    We offer relief by means of our experience, effective processes and all the required numbers, information and facts that provide you with options for control and a solid foundation for optimization. But in addition to offering our services, we also serve as a sparring partner, an inspiration source, an optimizer and a problem solver. Further details are available under the Consulting section. YES WE CARE.

  • Transparency and measurability of Customer Service?

    We can provide you with the desired level of transparency and measurability thanks to our effective procedures, which are founded on years of experience, knowledge and highly skilled technology. We have everything you need on board to keep your customers satisfied, whether it’s reporting, processes, or AI technology.

  • Do you need optimization suggestions?

    In our capacity as advisors, we are also pleased to share our many years of experience as a Customer Care service provider and our best practices. We are the ideal partner for you if you’re seeking for new concepts and recommendations to enhance your own Customer Service.

  • Afraid of outsourcing?
    We offer premium quality.

    Are you feeling more and more pressure to reduce expenses and boost output? Do you need to modify your Customer Service to meet these demands, and are you at your breaking point? We can assure you that we are your go-to sparring partner for advice on any topic and that we can provide you with individualized, adaptable solutions. We are an international eCommerce Customer Care specialist with years of experience across multiple industries.

    That’s why we are the perfect partner at your side.

    Service true to the brand

    Each brand is derived from its own identity. We purposefully collaborate with small teams of no more than 15 individuals who are knowledgeable about both the unique qualities of your products and the particular needs of your target market in order to accurately reflect this in contact with your customers. We consider ourselves to be an external division of your business. In order to always provide your customers with the best Customer Experience, our employees can also make independent decisions within the jointly defined framework, thanks to the mutually agreed goodwill matrix. Another benefit is that it will require less work from both of you, saving you money.

    Professional consulting at eye level
    International Customer Service with worldwide availability
    Fast onboarding & service on all channels
    Step-by-step outsourcing
    AI and automation
    Individual service tailored to your needs
    Maximum transparency through reporting

    Maximum transparency and measurability.

    <12 class="block_title">Maximum transparency and measurability.
    • Dashboard

      Your performance in Customer Service is displayed on your personal dashboard. It is easily adjustable and offers real-time data for better control.
    • Statistics

      A multitude of statistics and reports offer the data required for a broad spectrum of interest groups.
    • Categorization

      Inquiries from customers are subject-grouped and connected to the Knowledge Base to provide automated responses.
    • Hotkey report

      Displays the most common reasons for contact with Customer Service in order to derive optimization measures.
    • Call statistics (AHT)

      Displays the number of calls received, along with the acceptance rate and the average handling time. (AHT).
    • Measurability

      To give you the transparency and measurability you need to deliver excellent Customer Service, we employ a variety of reports.

    We also make you happy internationally with these services.

    International roll-out: professionalism right from the start

    The growth strategy of internationalization has been proven. Early success is largely dependent on having a fully operational local Customer Service department. You have a partner by your side who handles everything when you use PVS Relationship Services. We assemble teams of outsourced employees who are fluent in the local language and aware of the subtle cultural differences. We also handle all technical needs, including knowledge bases, ticketing systems and phone systems. And you? You can focus entirely on your development and growth.

    Service in all European languages
    Partner networks in America, Asia and
    New Zealand
    Fast onboarding: ready to go quickly, even internationally

    Get in touch easily. Call the CEO.

    The best possible customer relationships are our top priority.

    For this reason, if you would like to schedule a free consultation or have any questions about our services, you can speak with our CEO, Franco Aleo, directly. Just request a callback or make use of the website’s contact widgets. We guarantee that you will hear from us as soon as possible.

    Moments of happiness and success testimonials
    from our customers.

    • Outletcity AG

      “Since the beginning of our online business, PVS RS has been a reliable partner that has expanded alongside us and adapted to our needs at every turn. Even during significant changes, like the transition to a new ticket system, PVS RS was available to counsel and assist us, drawing from years of expertise in numerous successfully executed cases to guarantee that this transition proceeded without a hitch.”

      Robert Semmler, Head of Customer Management

    • Müller

      “Müller places a top priority on Customer Satisfaction, also with online purchases. We rely on first-rate Customer Service that addresses our customers’ concerns promptly and solution-focused in order to provide Müller’s customary good service there as well. We have a dependable partner in PVS RS who has been providing us with excellent support in this field for many years. The partnership-based cooperation at the eye level gives us new opportunities to advance process development and ensure Müller customers receive the best possible service at the highest standard.”

      Sebastian Wied, Head of E-Commerce International

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      We are delighted to pass on our experience of many years as advisors, to you. Enhancement of the Customer Experience, emphasizing process optimization, cost effectiveness, and transparency.



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