Increased customer satisfaction and happiness through the
purposeful and focused use of Artificial Intelligence.

Using Artificial Intelligence doubles your benefits:
enhanced Customer Experience and maximum productivity.

We assist you in integrating AI into Customer Service in an efficient manner. When applied correctly, artificial intelligence (AI) can greatly enhance your customers’ overall experience.
This is so that you can lessen the workload of your Customer Service employees while offering your customers quicker, more tailored and more effective solutions thanks to AI.
But remember this: AI is never a replacement for human Customer Service representatives. Interpersonal skills and empathy are especially crucial in critical situations to guarantee
that your clients are satisfied both now and in the future.

Utilizing AI In Customer Care offers following advantages.

An Even better Customer Experience

AI is able to provide customized solutions and recommendations based on the requirements and behaviours of customers at the most opportune moment by analyzing current customer data and drawing from ongoing “lessons learned”. The added benefit is that customers will interact with your brand in a more seamless and satisfying way.

Quicker response times
24/7 availability with AI
Effective resolution and employee relief
Lower expenses and ongoing improvement
Accurate cross-sells and up-sells

Why using PVS RS AI doubles your benefits:

  • Customer-Care-Knowhow meets AI-Software

    To get the most out of it for you, we mix our AI software (bird) with years of experience in Customer Care. In order to effectively fulfill the demands of your customers, Bird optimizes interactions and workflow and supports your Customer Service by offering analysis, request mapping, automated solutions and help for service agents.

  • Maximum flexibility

    This also holds true for our systems: integrating our AI services with the various systems you currently have in place is simple.

  • Numerous best practices

    In the field of Artificial Intelligence are also available. Take advantage of our knowledge to expedite your own learning curve and steer clear of common mistakes in the initial and implementation stages. In order to meet your objectives for Customer Service, we are also able to assist you in choosing the right AI tools.

  • Personalized AI solutions for your requirements:

    While AI is continuously evolving to meet your demands, we also make sure that our services are specifically adapted to your Customer Service, such as through accurate classification and topic recognition and are meaningfully linked to it.

    Our AI solutions offer maximum flexibility for your Customer Service.

    • Personalized to meet your needs: You only make use of our AI service when it’s convenient for you. You tell us what customizations you want and we put them into action. Here, the transaction serves as the basis for billing.
    • Optimal support hand in hand: We take care of the AI service, you take care of your customers.
    • Everything from a single source: We handle both the AI service and your clientele.

    Get in touch easily. Call the CEO.

    The best possible customer relationships are our top priority.

    For this reason, if you would like to schedule a free consultation or have any questions about our services, you can speak with our CEO, Franco Aleo, directly. Just request a callback or make use of the website’s contact widgets. We guarantee that you will hear from us as soon as possible.

    We start with our consulting wherever you need.

    Process consulting

    We assess your internal processes, find any weak points and help you integrate the optimization potential in a sustainable way.


    Customer Experience

    The secret to satisfied customers is a constant positive Customer Experience. We consider all of your customer touchpoints in order to guarantee the best outcome.

    Cost reduction

    Providing your own Customer Service doesn’t have to be expensive, however, it can be. We pinpoint and improve your cost drivers for reduced expenses and greater efficiency.

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