Planting Fruit Trees in Afrika

To give our employees a little treat every day, Fruitful Office delivers a fruit basket to our office every week. This not only does something good for our employees, but also for nature and people in a difficult economic situation.

For every basket and box that is delivered, a tree is planted in Malawi with the help of Ripple Africa. Ripple Africa is one of the most successful tree-planting projects in Malawi. 10 planted trees can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.

A tree is planted every week with the help of PVS.

How are the trees planted?

Step 1: The participating families receive seeds and plant them in the tubes provided so that as many seedlings as possible can develop.

Step 2: The growing seedlings in the tree nurseries are constantly monitored and cared for. The project participants receive ongoing training to ensure a high yield.

Step 3: When they are big enough, the seedlings are planted out in the ground. They find a new home on previously cleared areas, on farms, in orchards and around houses.

In this way, fast-growing tree species such as guava and papaya trees as well as pines, eucalyptus and senna siamea can be planted in the best possible way for firewood and timber.

We are delighted to be able to support this project and hope to see many more trees!

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