Make the world happy, make a career at PVS RS.

Customer Service Agent (m/f/d) “The happiness maker”
in eCommerce full or part-time

For numerous well-known brands, PVS Relationship Services serves as an international relationship management service partner with an emphasis on
customer relationship management. But above all, we think of ourselves as makers of happiness. For whatever reason, whether it’s guidance on matters of style,
prompt assistance for users of public transportation, product support for parents, or pointers for those who enjoy barbecuing:
Every day, even in the face of occasional setbacks, we go above and beyond to ensure
that our customers are satisfied and that wonderful feeling endures.

We understand how crucial it is for our staff to have a healthy work-life balance and modern working models. We give you the flexibility to work whenever and
wherever you choose because of this. You can adjust your working hours to suit your needs and work from any location with us. You would be a part of a welcoming,
driven and accepting team of about 90 people who are always up for new challenges and solutions. Join our company culture and steer your career in the direction you choose.

Happiness booster:
Benefits from us, to you …

  • Flexible work schedules: Suitable for early birds and late risers – Choose your own method of working.
  • Flexible work location: We value your freedom, so you can work from an office, at home or anywhere in Europe.
  • You determine how much you want to work with any working time model.
  • Fair compensation and a range of performance bonuses because we value your commitments
  • Opportunities for personal growth and proactive assistance so you can advance at your own pace
  • Since you are a part of us, we appreciate you and offer you the chance to make a difference.
  • Numerous additional benefits, like daily fresh fruit, discounts on different brands or a VVS subscription allowance — all because we enjoy doing what’s good for you


… so that you can be you.


Tasks that make you happy …

  • Providing assistance to consumers of diverse brands through a range of communication channels
  • Competent guidance for consumers of foreign brands, such as regarding current products or assistance with online orders
  • Providing excellent Customer Service to the end consumer throughout the entire product usage and purchase process

    … grow beyond yourself!


Your happiness-maker skills …

  • You enjoy attending to people’s needs
  • You are comfortable working with software and possess computer skills
  • You have an affinity for brands and enjoy immersing yourself in the world of eCommerce
  • Your proficiency in both written and spoken German is excellent.

    … show us what else you’ve got!


About us. What our staff members say.

  • Rahwa Manna – Head of Customer Service

    “At PVS RS, I genuinely feel like I’m making a difference. The best thing is to see when the end customers are happy (again) and we have found a good solution.
    I’m thrilled to be able to seamlessly blend the joys of my everyday work and family life and I wouldn’t want to miss this joy in my role as a mother either.”

  • Sabrina Pinto Ferraz – Head of Department

    “I particularly value the maximum flexibility that PVS RS offers me. Both in terms of working hours and remote working options. And the best part is that I can work a part-time job and hold a management position at the same time, which means I can devote all of my energy to my family and my career. So I don’t have to give up on anything – happiness all the way!”

  • Anna Koch – Project manager

    “Thanks to my diverse range of tasks, I can constantly rediscover myself and my strengths and grow beyond myself every day. And PVS RS is also growing with me – my position was newly created at the time to ensure that everything we require for the growth of our joint company is directed in the proper direction.”

  • Kathrin Straub – Team Supervisor

    “In 2018, I began working as a call center agent at PVS RS. Since then, I’ve worked my way up to team leader and am really appreciative of this path.
    Being able to grow at my own pace with a partner by my side who supports and follows my development is nice.”

  • Gabriele Christensen – Head of Human Resources

    “I particularly value the pleasant, well-balanced work environment, my pleasant coworkers and our strong emphasis on team cohesion. Additionally, I think it’s fantastic to work for an organization that consistently fosters intercultural competency.
    In addition, I truly enjoy working with my coworkers and watching how everyone tries their hardest to advance PVS. As a result, I’m thrilled to be a member of this team and I hope to keep growing so that we can all keep getting better. An extremely flexible and diverse task. I feel very connected to PVS RS because of my many years of experience; I wouldn’t want to miss a day of the past few years.”

  • Kai Frede – Deputy Team Supervisor

    “The fact that PVS RS welcomes everyone is what I appreciate most about it. Even though I joined the team in 2020, I’ve already had the opportunity to advance internally. Additionally, I value how regular tasks are mixed with different customer interactions so that no two interactions are the same.”

  • Dominika Wojda – Team Supervisor

    “Working at PVS RS helped me advance both professionally and personally in addition to helping me become more fluent in German. I was able to quickly acquire a great deal of experience in customer contact and subsequently gradually expand my skills in conducting conversations and later on, in employee management because of the varied work in different teams.
    In retrospect, I can also see how much more self-assured I have grown as a result of my career path at PVS RS,<br> which benefits me outside of my workdays.”</br>

  • Fatima Amorth – Customer Service Agent

    “Since the beginning, I have been a member of the PVS RS team and I have always believed that I can set my own priorities without jeopardizing PVS RS’s position as an equal employer. I enjoy being able to balance work and family life, so I am currently working part-time.”

  • Alessio Di Giorgio – Deputy Team Supervisor

    “Because of the many industries and activities that PVS RS supports, I work and develop every day. A setting where there is never a dull moment and happiness at work is assured!”

  • Anieza Domi – Team Supervisor

    “At PVS RS, I began my career as a call center agent. Above all, PVS is, in my opinion, a place where individuals are encouraged to contribute their strengths and where individual interests are also valued. One of the reasons I’m allowed to lead the international team is that I’m Anieza, who speaks many languages and excels in them. I’m not just one of many people here. Here, I am seen and valued everyday anew.”

  • Fabian Träris – Dual student

    “I wanted to enlarge my knowledge in a degree course after completing my training at PVS RS. It was then that I discovered PVS RS’s individual support and empowerment programs are real. As I work with PVS RS and DHBW to finish my dual studies, I’m glad to be able to apply the knowledge I’ve gained to my work on a regular basis.

  • Laura di Maggio – Customer Service Agent as a working student

    “I especially like the variety of interactions with customers. Every request and interaction is seen by me as a tiny challenge to either guarantee or restore the person’s happiness. Simultaneously, I am observing an increasing improvement in my ability to listen to my counterpart’s needs and come up with appropriate solutions. Unquestionably extremely useful abilities for my career.”

  • Letizia Aleo – Customer
    Service Agent

    “I can work mini-jobs and vacation jobs at PVS RS to get a taste of the working world while I’m still in school. I gain a lot of knowledge about how to utilize my strengths. I have a great deal more clarity now than before, particularly in regards to my professional development.”

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