PVS RS in transition

PVS RS in transition

The year 2023 is slowly coming to an end, but our euphoria has not faded – in fact, quite the opposite!

At the end of the year, people always say “The year was turbulent!”. And of course that’s true. Every year has its ups and downs, but 2023 proved to be particularly challenging for many companies. According to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, the mood among consumers remains cautious and the number of corporate insolvencies according to official insolvency statistics has increased significantly compared to the previous year. We at PVS RS, as a service partner for eCommerce companies, have of course also felt the effects of this. This made it all the more important for us to “stay tuned” and continue to put our ideas and motivation into future projects.

To be honest, one thing led to another. In addition to our daily business in Customer Service and constant further developments, we have been working with a long-term partner for over a year on our self-reflection and our impact on the outside market. Who are we, what special features do we have at PVS RS and do we present these skills to the public? It all started with the planning of our new website. But we are perfectionists and don’t do things by halves! It quickly became clear that we wouldn’t be able to fully present our open and personal approach if the website only showed stock images. That’s why we decided to organize a photo shoot with our employees. After all, who better to represent our company and our emotions?

This process and the related steps enabled us all to learn more about PVS RS, even those who previously thought they already knew everything. The external image was therefore optimized. “We are colorful”: that’s who we are and that’s the message we want to communicate! However, the workstations in our office no longer lived up to this motto. So, we decided to renovate our office space in line with the other structural changes. As a result, we were able to celebrate the opening of our new premises with all our employees just before Christmas.

We are happy, especially in these turbulent times, that we always have new ideas for exciting projects. It is a characteristic of PVS RS to implement these ideas quickly and with full commitment. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy visiting our new website – be curious to see the first insights from our new office!

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