Working from home office

Due to the current Corona crisis, more and more employees are finding themselves working from home. For many, it’s their first time working from home. Of course, this creates complications at first. Be it because of the new way of communicating with the team, technical difficulties or even children who want attention because the daycare centers are closed.

However, once a routine has been established, home office also brings many benefits for employees and employers:

  • The most obvious advantage is that the home office reduces contact with other people, which is currently very important.
  • In addition, home offices are by far more environmentally friendly due to the fact that they save on commuting.
  • By saving on commuting, more time is available to invest in oneself. This improves the work-life balance. This is also positive for the company. Balanced and satisfied employees work more productively and efficiently.
  • Another advantage for employers is that operating expenses are saved. The more employees work in a home office, the fewer expenses there are for coffee and electricity.

Despite these advantages, some people find it more difficult to work in a home office than in an office. For this reason, here are some tips on how to make working from home successful:

  • Self-discipline and concentration at work are very important in the home office. Distractions must be eliminated in advance. As tempting as the thought of doing housework or the like while working is, it must wait until after work. Otherwise, you run the risk of being thrown out of the workflow.
  • It makes sense to stick to the same working hours that apply in the office. This brings more structure to the working day. In general, it is good to structure one’s day, whereby the daily schedule can be worked out on the basis of appointments and meetings. Of course, a certain flexibility should still be maintained.
  • Even when working at home, the clothes should be well chosen. Of course, this can be more comfortable than the normal office clothes. Nevertheless, the weekend look should not be chosen, because it tempts you to behave as if you were at the weekend. If the supervisor calls an impromptu meeting, you should not have to shower and change first.
  • The workplace has just as much influence on our work in the home office. Rest room and work room should be separated from each other, because otherwise it is not possible to get out of the comfort of the bed or the sofa. The desk should be tidy and clean for better concentration.
  • As a final tip, we recommend taking small breaks, just like in the office. In the office, a quick coffee is fetched or a chat with colleagues is had. At home, this routine should be maintained by getting a coffee or taking a break on the balcony. By taking small breaks, you can work better and more productively.