Working from Home – How to stay focused

Many companies currently have their employees work from home. While working in an office provides a structure between the physical office space, dining areas and meetings, working from home is a brand new experience. Employees live and work in the same area every day. On top of that, many have to juggle work and family under difficult circumstances – which means chaos is preprogrammed to happen here.

To simplify your daily work routine, we have put together some tips for you that will help you in terms of productivity while not leaving your mental health out of the equation: Based on the motto “Dress to impress”, you should also dress for work at home. Of course, you don’t have to wear a suit or the most elegant blouse, but you should make a clear distinction between business casual and pyjamas. This not only boosts your self-confidence but also your motivation.

  • Routine is the essential! Make sure you maintain your structures. A structured workday at fixed times makes it easier to start the day and also helps to create a good work-life balance. Plan small breaks and follow your daily schedule to stay fit and motivated throughout the day.
  • Just as in the office, your workplace should be visually appealing. Decorate your workspace with photos, plants and other things that make you happy. Your desktop should also follow this principle; clean folder structures and a pleasant background make it easier to really get into the flow.
  • You don’t want to suddenly work 10 hours a day from your couch? Leave the work in the office – or at the workplace. You’ll be far more focused if you set up the workstation and leave the computer there, even if it’s portable. This way you can also mentally separate work and free time better and recover from a stressful day more easily.
  • Use breaks properly: even in these difficult times of social distancing, you should always have a certain amount of fresh air. A walk in the local park often helps to regain energy and allows you to take a deep breath.

Have a successful day