Within 5 Steps to Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence describes the highest goal of every service provider — outstanding customer service.
When considering the outsourcing industry, this goal is fundamental to excel in comparison with the competition. At PVS RS, we are aiming to do exactly that. To achieve this goal, with the necessary know-how and experience, a committed and, above all, motivated team is needed. Colleagues who complement each other and are always ready to learn and grow! Commitment and motivation are unavoidably influenced by the given working atmosphere. That is why the well-being of our employees is especially important to us because happy employees make happy customers. Which aspects are particularly important for excellent customer service are summarized below:

  •  Teamwork
    Collaboration is key, not only within a team, but also with our clients. For this reason, we work intensively with the brand to understand what makes it unique. Thanks to this knowledge, we can then analyze the brand’s products or services and, on this basis, establish the requirements for our service. The requirements, in turn, allow us to adapt processes and put together the best employees for a team. With the accumulated expertise, we can subsequently develop a solid strategy together with the client to convert customers into fans and thereby increase the brand’s sales.
  •  Leadership
    It is important to build up a leading team, team leaders who support and substitute for each other. This increases the know-how when it comes to selecting individual team members and also strengthens the bond among the teams. The highly skilled eyes of our team leaders know exactly what to look for in new employees and what signs point out top players. This is the only way the team can fully identify with a brand.
  • Encourage and challenge
    Once the team is established and staffed, all the knowledge about the respective brand must be absorbed. Customized product and brand training turns the agents into true brand ambassadors with a keen interest in the customers’ concerns, which they can address in their language. To ensure a consistent level of knowledge and thus stable service, we use knowledge management combined with carefully tested e-learning tools. The preparations are not over yet! We offer our teams all the necessary materials and tools to do their best for the brand. Especially with new programs or interfaces to the systems of clients, complications can quickly arise. Therefore, it is particularly important to check these aspects in detail in advance so that our teams have the best conditions to meet the pre-defined requirements.
  • Final adjustment
    As soon as the first test runs have taken place, we are able to make an initial analysis based on customer feedback. Here again, it is essential that all technical requirements function smoothly so that the teams can concentrate exclusively on providing an excellent service.
  • Customer relationship
    In our daily operations and management, we provide our clients with a steady flow of performance information and reporting/dashboards. We also use them to optimize our processes to ultimately increase our clients’ profits.

We ensure outstanding customer experiences by providing excellent service to both our clients and their customers because at the end of the day, the customer’s experience is all that matters.